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GTM Leader


a little about me

James headshot in a hat and brown hoodie

Business: I'm A GTM leader that specializes in Marketing


Accomplishments: 2 successful exits, 3x CMO, top 50 CMO, Best Selling Author, 5x podcast host, 7 data awards throughout my career, 2 successful communities built. I ran a businesses unit as a GM growing them to Acquisition. I have led marketing orgs from $0-$150M, at stages Seed to Series D. I've done three stints as a director level leader at fortune 100 and 500 companies like: AGCO, Verizon and Cisco where I ran their global digital demand center. 


Personal: I have 4 wonderful children and amazing wife. I'm a nerd at heart and can be goofy. I love me some star wars. I love my hats and hoodies but I can look great in a suit too. I love basketball especially the utah jazz and can shoot the lights out of the ball. I taught myself piano when I went blind (feel free to ask me about the story) more below

titles i have or have had: Advisor, Investor, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, Chief "Market" Officer, Interim CEO, GM of North America, Chief Operating Officer, Fractional CMO, VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing Ops, Director of Demand Gen, Director of Data and Ops, Sr. Director of data, Director of Marketing Automation


Mottos: Being human to others shouldn't be hard, kindness is the world's cure for so much | Give without an ask, it will pay off | Own a number | Empower others by getting out of the way |  Sell your product if you want to be good at marketing | Always execute through the lens of a customer's eyes | Have fun doing it or forget it | Any voice no matter how big or small can be heard in a hallway.

VR Goggles

My Personal Interests

This is a little bit about me personally, throwing out the business side of things for a second

Here is what you should know: I'm a straight-up nerd. Give me some Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters, Heman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel, etc. any day of the week!


I like to play video games because it makes me feel young again so I do so with my kids and it's a blast.

I write music all by ear on the piano. I love to get lost in the music.


I'm also a straight shooter, that believes in candor but with kindness.


I'm a nerd who is sporty. I love the outdoors, boating, hiking, camping, and I am deeply passionate about basketball and the Utah Jazz #takenote. Michael Jordan definitely pushed off, but it would have never got there if Dick Bavetta called Howard Eisley's game 4 buzzer-beater, off. There was still 1 second left when it left his hand, SMH.


I am a family guy with 4 kids - 3 boys, and 1 girl, all ages 7 up to 16. I am married to an amazing wife who supports my embarrassing passions and quirks. We have two little dogs, I have no idea how my wife convinced me of adding two more to the family, but here we are.


My family drives me more than anything, but so do my beliefs. The combo of those two things has made me a better person all around. I believe in treating others with kindness, serving others with no expectation, seeing others for who they can become, and treating anyone at any level as a human being.


I am always learning and love to do so with everyone around me. When I serve my teams in marketing, I teach them: never to do anything without looking through these 3 lenses: 1. The one who buys 2. The one who sells 3. The one who keeps the customer happy.


For all of these reasons, culture matters to me a great deal. A company that values that as much as I do is one I want to work for.


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