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Redroute to flip

I spent my time at Flip as the CMO to do exactly what was needed, bring them to a Series A with 10X growth and 10% month over month growth. The second day on the job the founders asked me to help them lead the following: name change, category creation, new website, new brand (colors and all), building an ecosystem of partnerships and our own marketplace, swag store, and grow of course. In order to meet our first lightning strike with category creation we needed to do all this in record time: 4 months. My humble opinion is we knocked it out of the park. I'm not sure there are many other brands our there like we have created with flip but check it out yourself . It's something I am proud of our team for. We are on pace to grow rapidly and my first year has yielded a month over month growth rate of 52%.

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Seed through Series C. Helped cloudcherry rebrand to a modern look and feel, launched a new website that was no longer hard coded by engineers, positioned us as a new category leader in the experience management space competing with qualtrics, medallia, NICE in contact, and more. Doubled our growth in my first 6 months. Managed a team of global marketing professionals. 


 Cisco was one of our first investors and followed us through our journey until they themselves wanted to monteize our product themselves. this became webex experience management. i continued to run as the CMO of Cloudcherry for the 8 months I spent under the cisco umbrella. Cisco response to our marketing was this: "We've never seen such a well put together marketing strategy and your reporting structure for analytics is some of the best our acquisition team has ever seen". This actually yielded me a dual job as the CMO of of Cloudcherry under CISCO and running the collaborations business units data structure and architecture. During my 6 months I helped build a data project that saved cisco $20M a year including consolidation of CRMs across cross-functional teams, multiple contracts with the same vendors, overlapping tech that had the same purpose, etc. For the first time in a long time we had the collab BU had a streamlined view of data and reporting.

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This was a unique experience for sure. I ran as our CMO globally but our US business operated as a sole unit, I was the GM of North America. I helped structure our start-up operations and ran as the COO helping us grow from seed to series b and eventually Series C. We didn't require funding since we grew profitably. I exited with CRMNEXT being acquired by Business Next and transitioning to a US CEO.This gave me a great experience seeing how a CEO thinks about business in new ways. I helped build our culture, started a podcast that is one of the top 10 podcast in finance today called banking on experience. Helped do a global rebrand, built a new website, lead our gtm strategy sessions as an elt with the ceo's blessing of course. My exit was when the global company finally merged the two and it was time for me to move on. Check it our for yourself: & 

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I have ran an agency with my older brother called enduur where we both consulted start-ups in the B2B SaaS &  fintech space. We helped with GTM, marketing strategy, full marketing outsourcing and execution across: email, paid media, brand, seo, and more. I continue to consult on these areas in advisory roles

I have helped hundreds of companies with their data strategy. Structuring an architecture that helps drive operational efficiency, saving them millions, and driving new revenue streams, across sales, marketing, and customer service

with my background in customer experience and data I have a unique approach to marketing that i think is a rare.

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